For the 75 homeowners who make up the Clear Lake Pines community, the woods and lakes provide a tranquil, rustic beauty to wake up to each morning.   At dusk, many love to sit on their decks and watch the deer drink at pond’s edge and fish jump as the sun settles behind the trees.   It is a place where humans co-exist peacefully with forest creatures, and neighbors wave to each other as they walk or drive by on the gravel roads that wind through the community.

The community is 12 miles north of the city of La Grange and 15 miles south of Giddings on Hwy. 153.   It is served by the Winchester Volunteer Fire Department four miles to the west, and the La Grange Volunteer Fire Department.  Response time by the full time Emergency Medical Team is excellent.   Clear Lake Pines is a Neighborhood Watch community with a near zero incidence of crime.

Clear Lake Pines Maintenance Corporation is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit that exists to oversee the community and to make sure that residents’ issues are addressed and that bylaws are adhered to. Since the development of the Clear Lake Pines community in 1974, the corporation has been administered by a board of residents who volunteer their time to make decisions affecting the whole community. They are elected at the annual Homeowners Meeting held each April and serve for two-year terms.  Other residents volunteer to serve on committees that oversee architecture compliance and maintenance of roads and lakes.  The board welcomes input and suggestions from all residents, and is happy to answer questions of present and prospective homeowners.